April Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Just before Easter the Trudeau Liberals announced their marijuana legalization legislation. As the Finance Department warned Canadians that the budget won’t be balanced until 2055, the Prime Minister showed Canadians what his top priority really was.

The medical community says it’s not safe for people under the age of 25 to smoke pot. The Liberals have ignored this advice and set the legal age at 18. At this point in time, there are more questions than answers as the Liberals rush the legislation through the House of Commons.

How will the police enforce the limit of four plants per household? Is law enforcement properly equipped to deal with stoned drivers? How will workplaces deal with high employees? Is legalization really going to take the criminal element out of pot sales?

Parents and homeowners continually ask me what the Liberal drug agenda means for our community and where do they draw the line? As a father of three, I know exactly where they are coming from.

I was proud to introduce my Private Member’s Bill C-338, increasing minimum sentences for drug trafficking. We need to hold those accountable for endangering the lives of the most vulnerable in society. We need to seriously deal with the opioid epidemic wreaking havoc across our communities. Stay tuned for details as my bill proceeds to Second Reading.

This past month we saw the Trudeau Liberals attempt to change how our parliamentary process works. Could you imagine what the CBC and liberal media would have said if former Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried to shut down Parliament on Fridays and answer questions only once a week?!

I was pleased to attend the first service at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in nearly 10 years with the Jesus the King Melkite Catholic Congregation. I welcomed the new Chinese Consul General in Toronto. I look forward to strengthening bilateral relations between our two countries. I was proud to recognize Shakir Rehmatullah and Leo Olivera for their contributions to the Markham community at the 8th Portraits of Giving Event.

My door is always open should you ever require any assistance or want to chat about an issue important to you and our community. Please do not hesitate to contact my office. We now offer extended hours on Wednesday until 8 PM to better serve you.

Bob Saroya, MP

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父母和房屋东主们都一直在问我,自由党的毒品计划对我们的社区到底意味着什么,他们的底线到底在哪里?作为有三个孩子的父亲,我深切感受到他们忧从何来 !



我最近参加了The Jesus the King Melkite Catholic Congregation,10年以来第一次在The Cathedral of the Transfiguration举行的弥撒活动;我也参加了中国驻多伦多总领事馆举办的欢迎新总领事 何炜和夫人孙畅的欢迎活动,并期待着两国关系可以进一步向纵深发展;我还很荣幸地在第八届 Portraits of Giving Event上,向Shakir Rehmatullah 和 Leo Olivera颁赠纪念章和证书,表彰他们多年来对于万锦社区的贡献。


(蔡报国) Bob Saroya, MP (国会议员)

8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3R 9Y7
(905) 470 2024