Conservatives Demand A Referendum

If you want to change the rules of Canada’s democracy, every Canadian must have a say. The only legitimate way of seeking the public’s approval is through a referendum. Canada is one of the most stable and admired democracies in the world. Any proposed changes to how we elect our federal representatives can only be made with the consent of the electorate.

If this Liberal government calls itself a supporter of democracy, then they should believe that fundamental changes to our democracy must have the support of the general public. Shamefully, Prime Minister Trudeau does not believe he needs the consent of Canadians to change what their vote means. He thinks Liberals know better than everyone else. It is incredibly arrogant to push through unprecedented changes to our democracy without the consent of Canadians.

Through a referendum, we could consult every one of the 26 million voting age Canadians for their views. There is no substitute for a referendum when it comes to obtaining the consent of Canadians. A referendum is the clearest, most inclusive form of consultation.

The Conservative Party of Canada and Conservative Members of Parliament refuse to accept this Liberal government’s arrogance and exploitation of power.

A government must never be permitted to unilaterally make fundamental changes as to how we elect our representatives. If our elected leaders want to change the most basic rules of democracy, Canadians from every town, city and province have a voice that must be heard through a referendum.