December Newsletter


Dear Residents,

REMINDER: I am hosting my second annual New Year’s levee on January 14th, 2018, from 3PM to 5PM at Angus Glen Community Center in Activity Room 1 (Please RSVP to this email address).

As the holiday season is upon us, I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness, and I wish you all the best for the coming year.

A lot has happened this December both at home and in Parliament.

Throughout this month I have had the pleasure to attend many community events. These include Christmas festivities with the Happy Life Seniors Association, “Settle at Toronto” and the Canadian Chinese Chambers of Commerce. They were great fun with talented performances and wonderful people.

I had the opportunity to take part in the opening of the York subway expansion. The previous Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper was committed to seeing this project realized. It will reduce congestion and travel times in your morning commute. Transit is important and a valuable investment in our communities.

When Justin Trudeau rises from his bed early on Christmas morning he may find the Conflict of Interest & Ethics Commissioner’s report and letters from disgruntled Canadians in his stockings. The report detailed four sections of Canadian statute that were violated by the Prime Minister’s family vacation last Christmas. Prime Minister Trudeau spent his $127 000 taxpayer funded vacation on the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island. It just so happens, the Aga Khan is a registered lobbyist! He was the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to violate the Conflict of Interest Act.

In the New Year I will continue to fight for families and taxpayers, small business owners, and to keep our communities vibrant and safe. Serving as Markham-Unionville’s federal representative these past two years has been the honour of my life. I look forward to the year ahead.

My family and I, wish you and all those close to you a joyous holiday season and New Year.

As always should you require any assistance please do not hesitate in reaching out to my office.


Bob Saroya
Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville


提醒您: 我所舉辦的“第二屆新年招待會”即將於2018年1月14日下午3點到5點,在Angus Glen Activity Room 1舉行 (如能參加請回復此電郵)。


但也不都是好消息,當Justin Trudeau總理在聖誕日一早起床時,會看到什麽禮物呢?他的聖誕襪子塞著一份“利益沖突和道德專員”所寫的報告,以及被他弄得不開心的加拿大人雪片般飛來的相關信件。這位總理去年的聖誕假期違反了四項《加拿大利益沖突法》中關於官員收禮或接受旅行邀請的條款。小特魯多總理在億萬富豪Aga Khan 的私人島嶼上度假,居然花掉了納稅人$127,000 。而“湊巧”的是,這位Aga Khan是一位註冊的說客!小特魯多先生成為加拿大歷史上第一位違反了利益沖突法的總理。




Bob Saroya(蔡報國)