I will oppose any foolish policies aimed at decriminalizing all drugs!

I was alarmed yesterday when I read Liberal MP Erskine-Smith’s bombshell op-ed for Vice News Canada entitled: “Decriminalize All Drugs”.

This is a dangerous and irresponsible proposal. Only a couple weeks ago a drug lab was discovered in the heart of a residential neighbourhood in Markham-Unionville, forcing residents to evacuate.
For concerned families and communities like ours, these reckless Liberal ideas are reprehensible, and also highlight Health Minister Jane Philpott’s (M.P. for Markham Stouffville) out of touch drug policies.

First, the Liberals announced they would repeal 26 application criteria in opening so called “safe” injection sites, including extensive community consultations. The Liberal Health Minister’s Bill C-37 fast tracks the process for opening injection sites.

Then the Liberals’ “Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation” recommended that marijuana should be sold in storefront locations. Minister Philpott announced plans last April to introduce legislation legalizing marijuana in the spring of this year.

Yesterday, Liberal MP Erskine-Smith trial ballooned a dangerous proposal in the public domain calling for “Decriminalizing All Drugs”. This is completely careless on the part of the Liberals. Helping rehabilitate drug addicts is a noble policy. But, handing out drug paraphernalia and decriminalizing the most dangerous illicit narcotics is not.

I will continue to voice the concerns of Markham-Unionville residents. I will oppose any foolish policies aimed at decriminalizing all drugs.