January Newsletter


January has been a busy month in our community and at our Conservative caucus meeting in British Columbia.

At caucus we discussed important issues: the Liberal’s plan to make applicants for the Canada Summer Jobs program sign an oath agreeing with the Prime Minister’s beliefs, the rush to legalize marijuana and free trade negotiations with the United States. These are the issues I have been hearing about lately from people in Markham-Unionville.

I held my 2nd Annual New Year’s Levee which was a tremendous success. Thank you to the 300 constituents and many participants who joined me. There was delicious food, great entertainment and I had a chance to chat with many of you.

The Orthodox Christian community celebrated Christmas; I was pleased to join celebrations in our community’s Churches. I travelled to India, the world’s largest democracy. I met with the country’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as my counterparts from across the world.

Alarming numbers were made public about the increase in drug impaired driving accidents by York Region Police. Impaired by drug charges are up 21 per cent from 2016, and 90 per cent from 2015. In Parliament, I spoke against both marijuana bills and was a strong advocate against legalization. I will continue to advocate for keeping this drug out of our community plazas, off our streets and out of our schools.

The Conservative House Leadership and Trade Shadow Ministers travelled to the United States to advocate for Canadian interests in protecting our trade relationship. Conservatives presented a unified front with the government because we believe this issue goes beyond partisan politics. 1-in-5 jobs are depending on Canada getting this right.

This month we saw Prime Minister Trudeau invite Omar Khadr’s former brother-in-law to his office. This raises serious questions about who meets with our country’s top elected officials especially after it was revealed the man was facing 15 charges. This is an honour usually reserved for heads of state, religious leaders and remarkable citizens.

The Prime Minister has been feeling the backlash across the country at town halls as he is asked tough questions. One of the most memorable has been “What does it feel like to be the first Prime Minister in history to have violated Canadian law?” When asked about Canada’s national security he cited his experience as a club bouncer as a qualification to answer the question. Unbelievable!

As always should you require any assistance please do not hesitate in reaching out to my office.


Bob Saroya
Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville



我們在黨團會議上談到的重要議題包括:自由黨竟要求加拿大暑期工申請人必須認同總理的價值觀;急匆匆推進的大麻合法化;和美國的自由貿易等。這也是我最近在Markham-Unionville 和民眾交談中,大家談得最多的話題。


本月東正教社會去也舉行了他們的聖誕慶祝活動 ;我也很榮幸地參加了多個教堂的慶典。本月我也受邀出訪了印度,這一全球最大的民主國家。我與印度總理以及外長會面,也有幸同各國印度裔國會議員共聚一堂。



這個月,我們也看見特魯多總理竟然邀請獲得千萬元政府賠償金的恐怖分子Omar Khadr的前任姐夫到總理辦公室見面。此人也是有15項控罪在身的人,居然會被請到本國最高民選官員的辦公室。一般說來,此項殊榮應當給予國家首腦,宗教領袖以及出色的公民。



Bob Saroya(蔡報國)