January Newsletter


It feels like it was just yesterday we welcomed 2017 and now we are bidding farewell to January. What a busy month!

I had a chance to visit China earlier this month. Whether it was in Beijing or Xiamen, I was in awe of the beauty of this ancient country. It is very rich in history and culture and it certainly left me with some great memories. I had a chance to meet many people, including innovative entrepreneurs. Canada and China have a strong friendship and I hope to help it continue to grow.

I was happy to host a Lunar New Year celebration at Angus Glen Community Centre. Thank you to City of Markham Councillors Don Hamilton and Logan Kanapathi and all the residents who stopped by for coffee and to grab a bite to eat. Our local cultural organizations made this event a huge success.

I heard from and spoke to hundreds of community members about the issues they care about. Residents were outraged that for the first time ever the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner had launched an investigation into a sitting Prime Minister. Mr. Trudeau’s secret vacation to the Bahamas sponsored by registered lobbyist the Aga Khan and the use of his private helicopter for travel are under the microscope.

I updated the community on the Liberals working quickly to remove barriers in opening injection sites and decriminalizing marijuana. Residents were worried about the drug lab which was found in Markham and the evacuation of homes that took place. I reassured them I will continue to voice their concerns and fight to keep drugs out of our community.

I rang in the Chinese New Year at First Markham Place with Conservative Party Leader Rona Ambrose. Chocolate coin stuffed red pockets were a great hit with both the children and parents.

I welcomed the Finance Critic, M.P. Gérard Deltell to Markham. We spoke to local business owners about the challenges facing small businesses, which create jobs in our community. Mr. Deltell spoke of the disastrous path the Liberal government is taking Canada.

Our country’s fiscal position continues to deteriorate. A report was released quietly by the Finance Department warning that at current levels of spending, the Trudeau Liberals will bring Canada’s national debt to $1.5 trillion in 2045.The report went on to state that the budget won’t balance as promised by 2019 but much, much later in 2055. This confirmed what Conservatives have been saying all along, budgets in fact don’t balance themselves.

Should you ever require any assistance or want to chat please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Bob Saroya, MP

8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3R 9Y7
(905) 470 2024




華裔新春前夕,我也有幸在Angus Glen社區中心舉辦了一場慶新春的活動。感謝萬錦市議員Don Hamilton 以及Logan Kanapathi,還有所有數百位能夠賞光前來參與活動的朋友們。我們本地社區的多個社區文化團體也為這場活動的成功做出了很多的努力,再次向大家表示感謝。

我和數百位社區民眾進行了交談,就他們關心的問題交換了意見。很多居民對於加拿大破天荒地,有在任總理被聯邦利益沖突和道德專員調查感到震驚。杜魯多先生竟接受Aga Khan ,這位政府註冊說客(從政府獲取大量金錢的人士)的資助,並且使用他的私人直升機前往Bahamas 其私人島嶼度假,因而正在接受調查。


我在大年夜當天,陪同聯邦保守黨黨魁Rona Ambrose 女士前往萬錦廣場給華裔民眾拜年。包著巧克力金幣的紅包,給孩子和家長們帶來了陣陣歡笑。

此外,我也迎接聯邦保守黨財政評論員、國會議員 Gérard Deltell來到萬錦。我們共同拜訪了一些本地的小業主,傾聽他們經營所面臨的艱辛,而正是這些一個個的小生意為我們的社區創造著就業。Deltell先生也再次抨擊了聯邦自由黨目前采取的災難性的道路。



Bob Saroya(蔡報國), 國會議員