July Newsletter


Dear Friends,

This summer has flown by. It’s hard to believe in a month’s time parents will be getting their children ready to go back to school.

This July was special because we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation. I began attended a citizenship ceremony on Canada Day at the Markham Civic Centre. Then, Team Saroya marched in the City of Markham’s Canada Day parade.

The Liberal government has changed Canada’s citizenship guide by removing warnings of female genital mutilation (FGM) under the section about gender equality, and references to the fact that ‘honour killings’ are not permitted in Canada. It is unfortunate that the Liberals are removing this information from the citizenship guide.

I was pleased to welcome Andrew Scheer, the Leader of the Official Opposition, to the GTA in mid-July. I was honoured to introduce him at a gathering at Saint Maurice & Saint Verena Coptic Orthodox Church. He discussed important issues facing communities of faith and freedom of religion. People expressed their concern about the attacks on faith communities and recent Liberal changes to the legislation that protects freedom of religion. Liberal Bill C-51 aims to remove various sections of the Criminal Code of Canada that protect clergy. The Conservative Caucus is committed to protecting the right of Canadians to freely practice one’s religion.

I met with members of the Armenian community at their annual SummerFest. I spoke to them about the ongoing conflict in their home country and enjoyed an evening packed with delicious food and entrainment. I joined the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations for their celebrations at Mel Lastman Square. I’ve never seen so many Chinese dragons! I met with seniors at Wismer Park and stopped by a Tai Chi club at First Markham Place. I was pleased to attend the opening of the Muji Store at Markville Mall and welcomed the Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church to Canada. I attended multiple other events around Markham. It was nice to connect with so many residents!

My doors are always open should you ever require any assistance or want to chat about an issue important to you and our community. Please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Bob Saroya, M.P.

8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3R 9Y7
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在七月中旬,我很荣幸地在大多伦多地区迎接到我们联邦保守党党魁Andrew Scheer先生到访,并在Saint Maurice & Saint Verena 科普特正教会向大家介绍了他。Andrew Scheer和大家谈了很多社区面临重要的问题,包括 宗教自由和信仰社团。民众也纷纷表达他们对于针对信仰社团的攻击问题,以及最近联邦自由党政府对于保护宗教自由政策改变的关切。自由党的C-51法案旨在取消《加拿大刑法》中多项对于神职人员的保护。而我们的保守党党团一直致力于保护加拿大人行使自己信仰自由的权力。

我参加了多伦多华人团体联合总会在Mel Lastman广场举办的加拿大150年国庆的庆祝活动。这也是我在加拿大第一次见到这么多的中国龙!这个月,我也在Wismer Park和很多的老人家会面,还到First Markham Place参加了太极团体的活动。我也到Markville Mall 参加了Muji店铺的开业活动,并欢迎了叙利亚天主教教堂领袖来到加拿大。此外,我也在亚美尼亚社区的年度夏季节日上和这个社区有个很好的互动。我和他们谈到了在他们的家乡发生的持续不断的冲突,当然更多的是和他们共同感受了一个满是美食和娱乐的加拿大之夜。这些万锦以及周边地区的活动,给了我很好的机会,来与社区及民众互动。


Bob Saroya(蔡报国), M.P.(国会议员)

8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3R 9Y7
(905) 470 2024