Looking back at March


I am organizing a Youth Committee for Markham-Unionville and encourage students to apply.

What you need to know:

Meetings will take place quarterly (dates to be determined) at my constituency office (8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201, Markham, ON L3R 9Y7)

– I will attend alongside special guests
– Meetings will be open to students to actively participate
– Great opportunity to meet community leaders, peers and build your resume
– Students from all political backgrounds are welcome to apply
– Students of high school, college or university age are encouraged to apply

How to Apply:

1. E-mail resume to Bob.Saroya.c2@parl.gc.ca
2. Fill out google document questionnaire:

Students will be notified by e-mail of acceptance.

National News

The motion to remove the values attestation in the Canada Summer Jobs application was voted down by the government. This was despite opposition from across the country and the thousands of petition signatures presented in the House of Commons. Markham organizations have begun to receive notice from Service Canada they are not eligible for funding. These groups have asked for accommodation, but their requests have been rejected. Over 1500 applications have been tossed out because the applicants could not support the oath.

Local organizations like Apple Creek 7th Day Adventist Church will be effected. I met with Pastor Swaby to discuss how this will impact his congregation and the concerns facing faith communities more broadly.

Conservative Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer met with the British Prime Minister to discuss the possibility of signing a Canada-U.K. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the coming years. A free trade agreement with the United Kingdom would secure tariff free access for Canadian businesses and consumers to a key global market. This will create job in both countries.

Conservative Shadow Minister for Health Marilyn Gladu and I met to discuss important health files including the imminent legalization of marijuana and the opioid crisis facing our communities. From 2016 to 2017 opioid related deaths increased by 52% and visits to the emergency department increased 72%. These alarming figures highlight the necessity for action.

Community News

I joined a Markham chess club to cheer on youngsters at their tournament.

Chinese New Year festivities continued into March, I distributed many red pockets to well-wishers including at a gala hosted by the Jiangsu Association of Canada.

Rogers Hometown Hockey took Markham by storm. There was lots of community spirit and excitement as many hockey greats descended on our city.

YMCA Markham raised $12000 at their Line Dance Megathon to help underprivileged children enroll in sport activities.

I joined YRDSB Trustee Billy Pang for a tour of a local art exhibition depicting the struggles of early Chinese immigrants.

Our community office is open Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM with extended hours by appointment. We are able to support you through various government services and programs including:

Citizenship and Immigration
Passport Canada
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
Old Age Security (OAS)
Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
Employment Insurance Benefits (EI)
Canada Student Loans (CSL)
Canada Child Benefit (CCB)
Veteran Affairs

Please do not hesitate in reaching out.


Bob Saroya

Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville

– 会议将在我的选区办公室举行(日期待定)
(8300 Woodbine Avenue,Suite 201,Markham,ON L3R 9Y7)
– 我会和特别的客人一起出席
– 会议将开放给学生,请积极参与
– 这是与社区领导者与同行交流并建立你的简历的绝佳机会
– 欢迎来自各个政治背景的学生申请
– 鼓励高中,大专或大学年龄段的学生申请
– 1.电子邮件回复至Bob.Saroya.c2@parl.gc.ca
– 2.填写谷歌文件问卷:https://goo.gl/forms/Zzu86wfpVksM9TlV2
在加拿大夏季求职申请中删除“价值认同”的动议被政府否决。这招致了来自全国各地的反对声,国会也收到了的数千个请愿书签名。 万锦市已有不少组织收到Service Canada发来的通知,说他们没有资格获得资助。这些团体要求得到豁免,不愿在价值认同条款签字来换取资助资格,但他们的请求已被拒绝。由于不愿自己信仰价值认同而被拒的申请,竟有1500多份之多。
Apple Creek 7th基督教堂这样的当地组织就是受到影响的机构之一。我会见了Swaby牧师,讨论这将如何影响他的会众以及所辖信仰社区所面临的问题。
YMCA Markham在他们的Line Dance活动上筹集了12000加元,用于帮助贫困儿童参加体育活动。
我与约克区教育委员Billy Pang也一同参观了一个描述早期加拿大的中国移民艰苦奋斗史的艺术展。
– 加拿大移民局
– 加拿大税务局(CRA)
– 加拿大养老金计划(CPP)
– 老年保障(OAS)
– 保证收入补充(GIS)
– 就业保险福利(EI)
– 加拿大学生贷款(CSL)
– 加拿大儿童福利(CCB)
– 退伍军人事务