March Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The Liberal government tabled its 2017 budget. A balanced budget and sound economic policy are NOT a priority for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

Budget 2017 will hike taxes on; small business owners, public transit users, Uber users, child care, oil and gas companies and the beer and wine industry.

As the United States aggressively moves towards becoming a better place to do business, Canada is falling further behind. Canadian jobs are on the line.

The Liberals have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Our Conservative caucus is standing against tax hikes that take money out of the pockets of Canadians, and I will continue to do the same for Markham-Unionville families.

I introduced Bill C-338 that would amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, in order to increase sentences for offences related to drug trafficking.

These drugs destroy our communities, which are now plagued by a deadly opioid epidemic. Criminals trafficking these drugs must be punished through increased mandatory minimum sentences.

I was honoured to celebrate the memory of Shahbaz Bhatti with International Christian Voice. Shahbaz Bhatti was a Christian Government Minister and advocate for minorities in Pakistan. He was assassinated for condemning blasphemy laws in his country.

I asked the Prime Minister in the House of Commons if he could ensure that the integrity of the Immigration and Refugee Board has not been compromised as a result of Mary Ng’s political ambitions. The Prime Minister’s hand-picked candidate, his former Director of Appointments bragged about being responsible for the make-up of the board.

I welcomed Yasemin to take my seat in the House of Commons as part of the “Daughters of the Vote” initiative. I wish her all the best in her studies and career pursuits.

I spoke to students at Markville Secondary School and Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School about the political process and current events. They had tough questions for me and I had a great time taking part in a discussion with them.

I was pleased to host a tax clinic in my office for low income individuals and seniors. The deadline to file is fast approaching on April 30th, 2017.

My doors remain open should you ever require any assistance or want to chat about an issue important to you and our community. Please do not hesitate to contact my office. We now offer extended hours on Wednesday until 8PM to better serve you.

Bob Saroya, MP

8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3R 9Y7
(905) 470 2024






在過去這個月中,約克郡發起了一項“特殊需要展示會”,讓大家了解到為那些有特殊需要的孩子以及他們的家庭所提供的眾多服務。我有幸在“兒童治療網絡”的Anchel Krishna和Kelly Lapham兩位的陪同下參加了這一活動,該機構以及全社區類似機構所做出的傑出貢獻,應當得到社會的高度認可。

而當我得知“殺人斬首食人肉”的罪犯李偉光竟被無條件釋放時,感到非常震驚和擔憂。數年前殺害了無辜的巴士同車乘客的人,居然可以沒有監管並行動自由!此舉大謬不然!聯邦自由黨政府必須要認真對待加拿大人民的安全問題!在前朝保守黨政府,受害人的權益總是被放在罪犯的權利之前,這才是正確的做法。在當時的總理Stephen Harper治下,通過了《受害人權利法案》,以法律彰顯了這一點。


而自由黨正在下一盤要將毒品自由化的大棋,各項措施也正在持續推進中。自由黨議員Erskine-Smith先生甚至提出了“毒品全面非刑事化”,使得公眾安全所面臨的毒品威脅越來越嚴重,而自由黨對此毫不在意。聯邦衛生部部長Jane Philpott (Markham-Stouffville選區議員)已經在蒙特利爾批準了3個新的“(毒品)安全註射站”,而全國範圍內目前還有9個其他的申請正在被審核中,還有多個市政府目前也在為此做著調研! 自由黨政府很可能今年春天就要提出非醫用大麻的合法化問題。這一切都讓形勢不容樂觀,但我會繼續在國會中代表我的選民心聲,盡自己的努力。


Bob Saroya(蔡報國, MP(國會議員)

8300 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3R 9Y7
(905) 470 2024