October Newsletter


Dear Markham-Unionville Resident,

The Liberal government continues its’ assault on working Canadians and the private sector. After a sustained SaveLocalBusiness.ca campaign lead by Andrew Scheer and our Conservative team they are backtracking on some, but not all of their proposed tax hikes.

Just a reminder of the taxes the Liberals are implementing or have attempted to in the past 2 years:

A 73% tax on small business investment income
Clawed back the disability tax credit for diabetics and placed their disability savings plan in limbo
Tax on health and dental benefits
Tax on employee discounts
A carbon tax making natural gas bills, hydro bills, gas prices and consumer goods more expensive
Froze the small business tax rate
Reduced the TFSA contribution by $4500 a year
Removed the tax exempt status for soldiers fighting overseas
Cut tax credits for: public transit, children’s fitness, children’s arts, education and textbooks, small business
Tax on Netflix

This is the Liberal record in office and where their instincts lie. There isn’t a tax this government doesn’t like. The Liberals have confirmed they are borrowing $20 billion a year to pay for their out-of-control spending. I have voted against every single one of these tax hikes and called on the government to change its’ course.

Shadow Minister for the Status of Women Rachel Harder, MP visited Markham. We attended service and met with congregants at St. Mary and St. Samuel the Confessor Coptic Orthodox Church. I held an open round table where community members discussed the Liberal’s tax hikes, matters of religious freedom and women’s issues.

TransCanada announced it is cancelling the Energy East Pipeline. The project would have created 15,000 middle class jobs and injected $55 billion into the Canadian economy. This decision was the result of the Liberal government’s mismanagement and failure to champion the Canadian energy sector. New regulations on Canadian energy projects have forced Canadian oil companies to comply with standards that are not required for foreign companies from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

October has been a busy month for families with Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities. It has also been a busy time in our community and in the House of Commons.

I held a round table on the Liberal’s tax changes and spoke to business owners at a tax clinic. I listened to every constituent member that attended and shared their concerns with the Minister of Finance. They are outraged at the double standards and ethical oversight in changing the tax code.

I attended Seniors Day events at the 16th International Seniors Festival. Seniors make up a majority of our population and they are the heart and soul of Markham.

I spoke to over 4000 people at a Garba event here in York Region. Happy Navaratri to everyone who celebrated this festival. I took part in Diwali celebrations at the Vedic Cultural Centre in Markham. Happy festival of lights to the Indian community!

I spoke at the ParentConnect’s first parenting expo. This organization promises to serve as a platform for expecting parents and new immigrants where they can access the resources and knowledge to be successful parents.

As always, should you require any kind of assistance please do not hesitate in reaching out to my office. If you have any feedback for Andrew Scheer and our Conservative team let me know!

Bob Saroya, MP




* 免税户口TFSA每年供款减少4500美元
* 征税视频网站Netflix

这是自由党,不论是在办公室,还是他们所到之处本能谎言的纪录。 这是政府喜欢的税收。 自由党已经确认,他们要推高赤字到200亿元,来支付其失控的支出。 我对每一次这些增税政策都投下了反对票,因为这些税收迫使Markham-Unionville区居民的生活成本更加昂贵。

国会议员瑞切尔哈德(Rachael Harder), 影子内阁妇女地位部部长访问了Markham选区。 我们一起到教堂做礼拜,并在圣玛丽教堂和圣撒母耳教堂会见了教会成员。 同时,我举行了一个开放式圆桌会议,社区成员讨论了自由党的加税问题,宗教信仰自由以及妇女问题。



我也参加了第十六届国际老年人节的老年人日活动。 老年人构成了我们人口的大部分,他们是Markham-Unionville区的心脏和灵魂。

我在约克地区的Garba活动中与4000多人交谈。 祝所有参加Navaratri节日的人快乐。 我还参加了在万锦的Vedic文化中心的排灯节庆祝活动。 祝全体印度社区快乐!

我也在ParentConnect的首届育儿博览会上发言。 这个组织承诺作为一个平台,为那些期望成为成功的父母和新移民能够获得资源和知识。

一如既往,如果您需要任何帮助,请随时联系我的办公室。 如果您对党魁谢尔和我们的保守党团队有任何反馈意见,请告诉我们!