• September Newsletter

    以下是中文版本 I held a round table this past weekend, on the proposed tax changes with my colleague MP John Brassard, the former President of the Markham Professional Firefighter’s ...

  • Press Release – Liberals Defeat Bill C-338

    Thursday September 28, 2017 For Immediate Release: Ottawa ON – Wednesday September 27th MP Bob Saroya Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville had an unfortunate vote against his Private ...

  • August Newsletter

    以下是中文版本 Dear Residents, Thank you to everyone who came out to my 2nd annual summer BBQ. What a resounding success! Over 2000 people came to meet Andrew Scheer, the Leader of the ...

2nd Annual Summer BBQ

Thank you to everyone who came out to my 2nd annual summer BBQ. What a resounding success! Over 2000 people came to meet Andrew Scheer, the Leader of the Official Opposition and to chat with me. ...

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The fight against ISIS

  Canada’s withdrawal from the combat mission against ISIS is a step backward for Canada from our country’s traditional role as fighters for human rights and international security. ...

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Thank you PM Harper!

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank a friend, mentor and someone who I look up to, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. For close to a decade PM Harper led our country with integrity and a ...

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Productive Roundtable

This weekend I heard from an overflowing room of over 75 constituents concerned about injection sites. Markham-Unionville residents are a compassionate people who care about helping those suffering with addiction overcome their illness. However, serious concerns about this “harm reduction” ... Full Article

“Safe” Injection Sites Roundtable

As the Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville I’m concerned about the Liberal government’s plan for so called “safe” injection sites in our neighbourhood. I will be hosting a roundtable on this issue on September 10th at the Centennial Community Centre. You can find the location ... Full Article

Bustling First Barbeque

It was a pleasure to host my very first Community Barbeque at Wismer Park this past Saturday. I was very pleased to see over 900 members of the community join us for delicious burgers, refreshing drinks and local entertainment. As the fall session of Parliament approaches it was an incredible ... Full Article

69th anniversary of India’s Independence

It is with great joy that I extend my best wishes on the occasion the 69th anniversary of India’s independence. Canada and India share a close friendship, and I am proud of the vibrant Indo-Canadian community in Markham-Unionville. Canada and India share the core values of freedom, democracy, ... Full Article

Conservatives Demand A Referendum

If you want to change the rules of Canada’s democracy, every Canadian must have a say. The only legitimate way of seeking the public’s approval is through a referendum. Canada is one of the most stable and admired democracies in the world. Any proposed changes to how we elect our federal ... Full Article

Canada Child Benefit

Today, families across Canada will be receiving their first Canada Child Benefit cheque. However, far too many families are also learning that they are not going to get the financial support they need when it matters the most. Unlike the Universal Child Care Benefit, which was introduced under ... Full Article

Liberal Minister’s Office Expenses

It has quickly become apparent that the Liberals have no respect for the tax dollars of hard working Canadians. When we look around we clearly notice that no jobs are being created, the Canadian economy is suffering from poor growth and no money is being allocated to provinces and cities where ... Full Article

The Liberal Government’s Plans for Marijuana Legalization

Last week the Liberal government announced the launch of a task force to study the legalization of marijuana. This task force will report its findings in November 2016. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have made a complete mess of the marijuana issue by failing to provide any policy ... Full Article