Press Release: “Crooked” Immigration Consultants

For immediate release:

OTTAWA ON – Thursday December 7, 2017, Bob Saroya, Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville and Associate Shadow Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, questioned Minister Ahmed Hussen and departmental officials as part of a meeting of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration about “crooked” immigration consultants.

He asked whether the Minister and his team have taken steps to regulate immigration consultants to prevent them from taking advantage of new immigrants. Minister Hussen stated there was no plan. Rather than developing a framework to help those vulnerable the Minister is ignoring an issue that is hurting the very people they claim to want to support. Crooked immigration consultants are devastating lives. Minister Hussen is not responding with a sense of urgency and no deadline to when a plan will be set in place.

“I have…provided advice to many friends, family members and constituents of mine who have gotten wrong advice, or [have] been taken advantage of by phony immigration consultants. Moving to Canada is not an easy feat. I can attest to that.” Saroya further highlighted in the House of Commons earlier this month.

Saroya spoke to this issue at length. “To those who decide to come to Canada they often leave everything behind to come to our great country in hopes of a better life and more opportunity. Yet for many, their first contact with Canada is not one that we can be proud of. Many are exploited financially, before they even arrive. I have heard horror stories”.

“The Liberal government needs to address this issue, something needs to be done, so that future Canadians do not go through the same exploitation that so many have already gone through in coming to our country,” he added.

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