Press Release – Liberals Defeat Bill C-338

Thursday September 28, 2017

For Immediate Release:

Ottawa ON – Wednesday September 27th MP Bob Saroya Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville had an unfortunate vote against his Private Members Bill. Bill-338 was voted on in the House of Commons. Disappointingly, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government voted down Bill C-338. This Liberal Government took the side of the drug dealers and criminals. Bill-338 would have saved thousands of lives by strengthening sentences of convicted criminals.
Canadian families expect safe and healthy communities in which to raise their children. Bill-338 was introduced in the House of Commons to create stronger penalties for those who traffic dangerous drugs. In Canada right now, we are in the grips of a deadly fentanyl epidemic. MP Saroya says “I put forward this legislation because I understand that Canadians are especially concerned about crime and keeping their families safe”.
This legislation was about introducing tougher sentences for drug traffickers who exploit the addictions of others for personal profit. “Canadians lose faith in the criminal justice system when they feel that the punishment does not fit the crime. The Trudeau Liberals are on the wrong side of this” said MP Saroya.
The facts are: in 2015 in Ontario alone, fentanyl was implicated in 220 deaths in the province or about 30 per cent of all opioid-related deaths. In the first six months of 2016, there were 76 confirmed deaths related to opioids. Prime Minister Trudeau made a decision to vote down this Bill that could have made real change in the lives of Canadians.

Across this country, no community, no matter the size, is immune to this epidemic. “I truly understand the need for robust prevention and treatment options for addicts. However you can’t rehabilitate dead bodies. Something needs to be done to deter drug dealers from selling lethal drugs” MP Saroya stated during debate of Bill C-338 to the House of Commons. Bill C-338 was widely supported by the Conservative caucus but has sadly failed at second reading, due to lack of Liberal support.