Thank you PM Harper!

bob and harper

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank a friend, mentor and someone who I look up to, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. For close to a decade PM Harper led our country with integrity and a steady hand.

On the first day Parliament resumed, I thanked PM Harper on behalf of the residents of Markham-Unionville for his service and dedication to Canada. He will continue to represent his Constituency in Alberta, and we are grateful to have him sitting with us in the Opposition benches.

During his time as Prime Minister, he visited Markham often, and mentioned that it is one of his favorite parts of Canada. He noted during his trips that our community is one of the most diverse and multicultural in the country, and that our values are Conservative values.

Once again, thank you Mr. Harper!


Key Accomplishments under the Harper Government:

-The introduction of the Tax-Free Savings Account (and subsequent increase to a limit of $10 000)

-Continually Lowered taxes for ALL Canadians

-Raising the tax ceiling for low-income Canadians

-Introducing the Canada Job Grant available for Canadians training for specific jobs

-A record number of Free-Trade Agreements with countries all over the world

-Lowering the Goods Sale Tax (GST) from 7% to 6% to 5% across the whole country

-Investing billions of dollars in infrastructure in partnership with provinces and municipalities

-Stiver Mill in Unionville was restored through funding from the Harper Government

-Half a billion dollars has been invested from coast to coast to coast to construct new recreational facilities or upgrade existing ones

-Among the tax relief measures introduced, some highlights include the Child Tax Credit, the Registered Disability Savings Plan, the First Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit and the Family Caregiver Tax Credit

-The National Conservation Plan included over a quarter of a billion dollars to help conserve and restore Canada’s natural environment

-Reducing the small business tax rate from 12% to 11% which was strongly endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB)

-Introduced an Economic Action Plan to steer Canada out of the 2008 Global Recession

-Created over 1.2 million net new jobs since the 2008 Recession; 85% of which were full time, 80% in the private sector, and two-thirds were in high wage industries