The fight against ISIS


Canada’s withdrawal from the combat mission against ISIS is a step backward for Canada from our country’s traditional role as fighters for human rights and international security. Canada has a long, proud history of defending innocent and vulnerable populations by taking on those who commit mass atrocities. ISIS and ISIS-inspired attacks have spread beyond Iraq and Syria, and claimed the lives of Canadians in recent weeks. Halting and degrading ISIS is more critical than ever to keep people safe.

Canada has been a key ally in the air combat effort, the fifth largest contributor today. It is extremely irresponsible for the government to not only downplay Canada’s contribution, but to whittle it down for political purposes.The Liberals remain incoherent on the air combat mission. They have not provided any explanation of how the withdrawal of the CF-18s will help the coalition more effectively able to defeat ISIS. Despite the Liberal government’s supposed opposition to bombing, Canadian aircraft will continue to refuel planes that conduct airstrikes and identify targets for them.

Conservatives strongly believe that Canada should be maintaining its air-combat role in the fight against ISIS and terrorism, and that our CF-18s should remain in the fight and we are proud of our brave men and women in uniform.