Looking Back At February


Dear Constituents,

You may have seen in the last couple of days, the 2018 budget was released. It has failed Canadians and experts widely agree. The Liberals are spending 300% more than they promised. There is no plan to get back to balance and no contingency plan in sight if Canada was to hit choppy economic waters.

Justin Trudeau and his entourage traveled to India on a “trade mission” that appeared more like an extravagant family vacation on your dime. It was the most embarrassing and unsuccessful foreign trip of a Canadian Prime Minister to date.

The Prime Minister was greeted by the junior Indian Minister of Agriculture upon arrival. He forgot Canada turned 150 not 100. One of his Liberal MPs invited a terrorist to a private reception to wine and dine with his official delegation. The Prime Minister has failed to take responsibility for the invitation, concocting a wild conspiracy that the Indian government was responsible for the invite. The Prime Minister mislead Canadians when he said $1 billion in investment will make its way to Canada, when in fact this figure stands at $250 million and $750 million will be flowing to India. The trip was a failed opportunity to secure tariff free market access for Canadian manufacturers and small businesses and made international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

I filed a ministerial inquiry to find out how much the Prime Minister spent on a trip to Markham-Thornhill immediately prior to a by-election. The total cost to taxpayers was $65 000, which is more than the average salary here in Markham.

The Prime Minister also compared returning ISIS fighters to immigrants to Canada after the Second World War when he was asked a public safety question. This was a wildly uniformed opinion on the serious threat posed to Canadians by terrorist organizations.

I receive hundreds of signatures from residents concerned their rights are being trampled on with respect to the Prime Minister’s attestation oath in the Canada Summer Jobs program application. I submitted these to the Clerk of Petitions in Parliament. The Conservative Caucus has repeatedly and will continue to bring this issue to the government’s attention.

I have had the opportunity to celebrate Lunar New Year with many diverse community organizations. I also distributed red pockets with volunteers at Markham supermarkets.

I visited the Royal Ontario Museum and toured their permanent Chinese exhibitions; it is one of the most impressive collections outside of China.

I joined some of Markham’s most dedicated volunteers at the “Voices of Markham” gathering at Unionville Presbyterian Church to hear about their efforts to make the community a better place.

Wesley Christian Academy visited me in Ottawa and I gave them a tour of Parliament Hill. I stopped by a local art school’s exhibition and joined the Canadian Tamil community at the NCCT 2018 Grand Gala.

Business owners are hurting, I heard this first hand when I visited multiple local businesses and heard how government is getting in the way of job creators. Having spent my entire working life in the private sector I understand these frustrations.

During Lent, I wish Christians preparing for Easter a spiritually fulfilling time.

Should you ever require assistance please do not hesitate in reaching out to my office at bob.saroya@parl.gc.ca or calling my office at (905) 470 2024.


Bob Saroya, MP




賈斯廷 杜魯多總理和他的隨行人員前往印度進行了一場所謂“商務訪問”,但從各方面來看,更象是由您買單的一次豪奢家庭度假之旅。這也是加拿大有史以來,最丟臉、最不成功的一場總理出訪。


有關Markham-Thornhill 補選中,總理花費了納稅人6萬5千元為自由黨候選人助選的事宜,我也已經向相關的部委遞交了調查的申請,要知道,這筆錢比萬錦市的平均工資還要高。






韋斯利基督教學院也來到渥太華與我會面,我帶領他們進行了一場國會山莊之旅。我還參加了本地一間藝術學校的展覽,還有幸與加拿大泰米爾社區一起,歡度了NCCT 2018 Grand Gala。



或者致電:(905) 470 2024.


Bob Saroya(蔡報國,Markham-Unionville國會議員